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A Critical Analysis on Andrew Braaksma’s “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” Student’s Name Institution affiliation Abstract Andrew Braaksma’s “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” touches on his tussles as a factory employee and how the work inspired him to toil hard in university. He explores the various frustrations endured in the factories he has used to work at within his hometown. Therefore, this makes him come up with an argument on the role that education plays in determining one's working and living environment. The blue-collar jobs presented by many industries pay minimally and are unpredictable as the factories may be relocated or shut down due to different circumstances. On the same note, the working environment is not human-friendly as it has adverse effects on the health of a person. Hence, this reduces the life expectancy of workers and has a degrading effect on the intellectual performance of the workers that are essential for grasping concepts in school among students. This paper develops a critical analysis of Andrew Braaksma’s “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” and highlights its inspirational message to students across the globe. Critical Analysis The author’s main argument is that education is a key factor in determining one’s working and living environment. He touches on the misery that he faced as he worked in the factory while in university. He claims that a blue-collar job can disappear overnight due to matters like overseas relocation (Braaksma, 2005). Consequently, this renders many workers jobless and unable to meet their basic needs in their day to day activities. On the same note, the work is very

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