The Creation of Sony

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The key towards the prosperity of any organization lies in the competency exhibited by its existing leadership structures. Immense studies have been accomplished concerning the central position played by leadership in any entity. As such, a standard conceptualization insinuates that effective leadership is a strong precursor towards better organizational performance. To make success a surety, organizational leadership is linked to various success factors, for instance, creating a positive organizational environment and a sustainable culture that cultivates competitive results. Upon the failure or success of any company, the aspect most often scrutinized is leadership. The agenda of this task is to scrutinize the role effective leadership played during the creation of Sony. Sony is currently a strong international brand, which its success can only be attributed to the strong foundation laid by its founding members. This discussion will be diving deeper to analyze the personal leadership attributes of Ibuka and Morita, the two founders of modern day corporate giant, Sony. Leadership Competencies The notion that leaders are born or self-made remains a debatable aspect among various camps of scholars. However, whether or not one is born a leader, effectiveness only manifests when one shows a set of leadership skills that separates him or her from the rest of the pack. From a general overview, the core values linked to leadership include but are not limited to drive, emotional and intellectual intelligence, self-confidence, and integrity. As conceptualized by Folkman (2010), the drive is compound leadership value which encompasses aspects such as motivation, ambition, energy

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