The Conversion of St Augustine

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Name Tutor Course Date The Conversion of St Augustine A mind whose indelible influence transcends two whole millennia cannot just be a simple one, and neither can it be of traces of religion. St Augustine is one such mind, and his book of ‘Confessions’ has remained a great resource to date. Living in the fourth century and writing the first autobiography ever, St Augustine is highly regarded both as a brilliant intellect, and a Christian convert who greatly impacted the Catholic Church. Although he did not completely disagree with the Christian doctrine, it took St Augustine was 32 years old when he first accepted the Christian faith and got baptized by Bishop Ambrose (Gafford and Aaron 22). Why was it so hard for him to change his life then? Being raised by a pagan father who only got baptized on his deathbed and a Christian mother most certainly did have an impact on the young lad, and so his he had to chart his path in the quest for truth. The path he charted was not uneventful and when he came into contact with religions and subjects which incorporated Christian beliefs while encouraging intellectualism might have delayed his conversion. Until he found creative logic and reason in the teaching of Plato the philosopher, he viewed Christianity as a religion for the simple-minded. Even though his life of sexual indulgence brought him immense pain and misery, he still continued with it and even in his prayers, he would petition God to “grant him chastity and continence, but not yet” because he feared God would answer his prayer and cure him of the lust that he only “desired to have satisfied rather than extinguished” (Augustine n.p). Obviously,

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