The Conversion Of Constantine

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Drake, H.A. “Constantine and Consensus”. Church History64, no. 1 (1995): 1-15. Constantine’s conversion entailed his move from Paganism to Christianity. This event shaped the life of many Christians, including the Constantine. Despite the lack of the actual date of the occurrence of this event, Constantine got an opportunity to inherit the empire depending on his broad protection of Christians. Constantine had open disagreements with the persecution of Christians as he evolved into an emperor who ended all the molestations that were facing Christians through the use of his court making himself a friend of the church. Constantine had a strong desire to leave the throne of the Roman Empire to his son. How the Collapse of the Western Empire Affected the Church Hanson, R.P.C. “The Reaction of the Church to the Collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the Fifth Century” Vigiliae Christians 26, no. 1 (1972): 272:287. The collapse of the Western Empire came as a result of combined factors. The most important external issue was the savage attacks despite the presence of internal forces that attributed to the collapse of this empire. Research suggested that the increased growth of centralized monasticism was another factor that led to this decline. Most of the Christians had to revert to their ancient ways by holding the secular administrative role as those who were highly educated managed the falling empire. They also failed to pay attention to other factors such as justice. The incurred changes were too sporadic for the church making the believers experience a lot of hardships. The Role of Heretical Christianity on the Advent of Islam Speel, C.J. “The disappearance

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