The Contemporary Urban Life

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Today, Latin American cities are unequal, but the region stands out as one of the significantly urbanized areas of the modern Southern America. The level is currently higher than those of the North America. The epic indicators range from the type of housing, luxury, and the quality of accommodation. Others are the type of transportation, retail outlets, type of work many people are engaged in and the general satisfaction of the citizens. However, although the cities have experienced vast positive developments, there are still some negative changes including crime rate, unequal economies between the cities and the adjacent suburban environments. This continued to widen gradually since the first cities were erected in 1930’s. Every part of the Spanish South American city has transformed in a way from the predominantly rural region to cities and towns. Millions of citizens have now moved from these rural areas to the urban quarters. However, the rate is not equal among the different regions and cities. The urban growth accelerated during the early twentieth century although the development was sparked from the late 1930s. By 1950, the population had already doubled from 167 million Southern American city populations to about 287 million by 1970. The first major cause of the deviation is the geographical structure and land holding policies. Previously, the native cultures were organized within the large cities. With the onset of the Spanish colonists, the settlements were localized. New land ownership policies were enacted as the Spanish sought to control and organize the territories. Many of the cities were therefore located near the trading centers or where there was an

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