The component and functions of the APR1400 Turbine System

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The APR1400 Turbine System: Name: Institution: Turbines have been around for decades. The big wooden wheels that were used in sawmills in the early centuries are a simple example of a turbine. Following a century of continuous invention and refinement, turbine system continues to be the world’s leading power generation source which generates over 80% of the world’s energy and electricity. Hence, the APR1400 turbine system that was created by GE and Doosan is another new step in the right path of technologies’ advancement. Having its origins from Korea, the APR1400 employs the biggest ever 60 Hz steam turbine system (, 2008). For over two decades now, GE a Korean manufacturing company has partnered with Doosan, which was formerly known as Korea Heavy Industry Construction Company (KHICC) to produce steam turbines for the Korean market. In the same time span, other steam engines were also built including the 16.1 MW GE turbine system which was fired by coal as well as the 2.4 GWe combined cycle and the 10.4 GWe nuclear systems (, 2008). This shows that turbine and nuclear energy system have been the backbone of the Korean nuclear energy. Therefore power systems continue to play a huge part in Korea and the world as a whole, giving the option of producing and using energy without polluting the air with carbon dioxide and other toxic emissions which eventually play a significant role in reducing the adverse effects of global warming (, 2008) With this in mind, Korea commenced the Korea Next Generation Reactor KNGR) program, with the sole intention of creating larger nuclear power plants

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