The Communist Manifesto

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Communist Manifesto Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Communist Manifesto Marx’s Communist Manifesto reflects and attempts to elaborate the Communism goals and the fundamental concepts being outlaid by the movement. The manifesto claims that the struggles of social class or the exploitation of a class by the other are motivating forces that have established the historical developments. As such, the relationships of the different established classes are based on the era of production. Eventually, these class relationships may no longer be compatible with the forces of development in production sectors. For instance, at a certain point, a revolution occurs, and this force causes a new class to emerge as the most prominent. Marx denotes that these processes of class changes are significantly attributed to aspects of economic forces. The theory of Marx was developed as a result of the hardships that the employees in England, Germany, and France faced in the 19th century. The development of industrial revolution led to the creation of a permanent class of employees. Most of these workers lived in poverty situations and experienced terrible working environments and with minimal political representation. In this regard, the Communist Manifesto was published just before the 1848 revolution in Germany. Some of the claims and predictions of the Communist Manifesto were later revised because of the employees’ conditions and the youth revolution. However, the structure of the Marx’s arguments and the revolutionary tone could not be changed not until the “productive labor ceases to be a class attribute” (Marx, Engels & Gasper, 2005, p.171). The

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