The Collapse of the Roman Empire

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The Collapse of the Roman Empire Introduction The Roman Empire was one of the most far-reaching political and well-organized structures during the times of the western civilization. It was established when the renown leader Augustus Caesar became the first emperor in 31BCE. The collapse of the empire was halted in the West when Augustus who was the last emperor was sacked by the Odoacer, the Germanic King, in the year 476CE. There were a number of reasons that led to the collapse of the Western Empire. Just to mention but a few, the corruption and political stability within the empire led to its collapse. The constant invasion by the Barbarian tribes weakened the stability of the empire. Also, the heavy military spending affected the economy of the Empire leading to its inability to govern itself. The paper endeavors to discuss the major reasons that led to the collapse of the Western Empire. The Invasion by Barbarian Tribe The Invasion from the external forces played a major role in the collapse of the renown and well established Roman Empire. During the above-mentioned invasion that was depicted by a high number of military loss. The discussed empire had invariably engaged in a constant war for centuries with Germanic tribes (Ward-Perkins n.p). This had an impact of weakening their military strength. Apart from this invasion, there was another similar invasion by the barbarian tribe, the Goths, which had gone beyond and encroached the borders of the empire; this further weakened the stability of the empire. In the late fourth century, the Germanic uprising became a threat and a major challenge to the stability of the empire. In the 410CE, the Empire was under attack by

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