The Cold Mountain Film Analysis

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The Cold Mountain drama film is an epic historical analysis of the life of a deserter of a Confederate army seeking to get back to his lover. The film introduces us to the plight of the soldiers, the form of combats and the state of the nation during and after the civil war. After hurrying to register for the Confederate States army, the young men among them a carpenter who is in love with the preacher’s daughter, Ada, they only entered into a battle with ill-fated attacks. After Inman gets injured in a friendly fire when on a mission to flush out the surviving Union troops, he receives a letter from Ada requesting him to stop fighting and return to her. He later deserts the inevitable Confederate defeat for the Cold Mountain (Hamilton, 2003). The film reveals the arrogance of the Union foragers who attacks Inman leaving him for dead, kills Veasey and harasses Sara, a widow who had been raising her child Ethan singlehandedly. They steal her livestock and attempts to rape her. The bondage left upon families and individuals by the war is evident with the exposure of Ada’s sufferings after her father died. She ended up surviving on the mercy of the neighbors. This is an indication that the war drained the people of their economic power, destabilized families and left many children orphans. It was the result of the significant drift between the south and north experienced today. While bringing together the theme of war, arrogance, and brutality, love, and poverty, the author realizes a perfect film from a mere story (Frazier, 1998). The scenes, music and plot buildup is coupled with ancient-like aesthetic, a feature that makes it a perfect recap of the civil war period.

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