The Classroom Teacher Interview

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The Classroom Teacher Interview: The purpose of this interview is to gain practical knowledge and insight from a professional in the field of education. Upon submission of the interview, ensure you include and submit contact information about the person you interviewed, his/her responses, (11 points) and your reflection of the experience (200-350 words for the reflection- 5 points). Name of Teacher: _____________________Campus: ________________________________ City and State: ____________________ Date of interview: _____________________________ Phone/email: ________________________ 1. What do you believe are the essential features of effective teaching? • Effective teaching entails a supportive environment that can enable the learners to attain their objectives easily. • Similarly, effective teaching can be indicated by entire participation by the learners in the learning processes through asking and answering the class question. • Discussions in the classwork are also indicators of effective teachings. • Constructivism among the students will show their active participation in the learning process hence a sign of effective learning. • The use of effective teaching models can help the learners to understand the topic well. • Effective questioning also simplifies a teaching feature that is directed towards the achievement of the learning objectives set by the teacher 2. What do you believe is the greatest predictor of student achievement? I believe that resilience and adaptability are the greatest predictors of student achievement. Other predictive indicators such as setting goals, decision making, and connection to others base their foundation on resilience

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