The Circle by Dave Eggers

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Circle by Dave Eggers Introduction I find myself much on social media and playing video games many times. The bad part is that much time is spent on social media should have been spent studying or building relationships with friends and family. From reading The Circle, I now understand that I need to get back my life by prioritizing what is more important than spending time staring on machines that are a result of technology. The Circle is a science fiction genre book. Written by Dave Eggers, The Circle is a book that explains the life of a young fresh graduate lady from college, ready to encounter the world. She joins one of the leading internet company called The Circle. With its high information technology, it has merged uses of the social networks, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Google and all others into one gorgeous ideology. Through this social connectivity, their customers can get what they need within a solitary identity called Truyou. Digging deeply, the company technology can feature out an ideology of openness and privacy on anyone within and outside the company, even the political leaders, and businesses. Annie is also featured in this book; she introduces Mae to these three genius men who are the owners of The Circle - Ty Gospodinov/Kalden, Eamon Bailey, and Tom Stenton. Mae gets a promotion from a smaller position of a customer attendance to receiving customer calls and answering them accordingly. Her father was sick, and she used to see him at the weekends, but surprisingly this wasn't a good idea to her supervisor. She had to bow to this pressure and put her whole mind and strength to The

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