The Changing Role of Women in the Society

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The Changing Role of Women in the Society The existence and interaction of people in society are influenced by many factors. Different cultures have different beliefs about values that are core to their existence. However, one of the critical subjects that are common in the various communities is the changing role of women or the female gender in the society. The various tasks that are assigned to different genders are in a major way influenced by the socialization process in the society. Socialization may be described as the process through which children who are born without a culture are transformed into people who share the same values as the society they are born in (Stoetzer, Oliver R, and Richard T. Schaefer, 85). Even though socialization is an essential process in the society that shapes the values of individuals, the various values and cultures that people are socialized in have been rapidly changing all over the world. A closer analysis of the changing roles of women will be used to depict this change in the paragraphs that follow. To establish the views of the people about the role of women in the society, I conducted several interviews. My first interviewee was a Hispanic male, Jesus who was in his late fifties. He was a man who had been educated to the university level and had a good white collar job as a banker. Jesus was raised in a very traditional family where they believed that the man should be the sole provider of the family while the woman was supposed to be concerned about the welfare of the family by performing house chores and raising the children. Even though education had challenged his view about gender roles, he still had a lot of pressure

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