The Blurred Line between Public and Private Persona on Social Media

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Introduction There are blurring lines between "public" and "private" persons in the social media. Public persons are what people should know about a person, and in many cases, the information that does not get to embarrass anybody when known by the majority of the people. On the other hand, the private personal information is a thing that a person aims to keep secret, and do not want the general public to have knowledge about due to moral values in the society. The Origins of Social Media Social media came into existence when the internet became ingrained in the people daily lives. It shows that the social media is two decades old, but the extent of usage among the people have surpassed any other innovation ever been made. It remains to be the most common tool that influences, informs and controls most of life today. It is through social media that many people update one another on the trending news, share experiences and show their plan of actions (Kietzmann and Jan 244-8). Many inventions have been made by various people previously, but there has never been any invention that injures into the personal privacy as in the case of social media. The use of social media takes different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Other people also use social media availed through other platforms like Google Plus, WhatsApp, and many others. The most dangerous aspect of social media in as far as the personal privacy is concerned is that it stealthily creeps into a personal privacy without compulsion and enticing of the persona, but out of free will (Harris 51). The Telling Use of Social Media Many people find the reason to post on social media some of the photographs and

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