The Bluest Eye Novel Essay

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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: The Blue Eyes as a Symbol in Toni Marrison’s “The Bluest Eye” Unlike other books on the subject of racism that were published at the time of Toni Marrison, Marrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is exceptional because of the manner in which it addresses the persistent effects of racism, mainly self-hatred, instead of the most apparent problems of isolation. In this book, the black people are infatuated with the idea of what the white represents. Being that this book highlights the problems of racism and segregation, the main theme is superiority of the white people and the author employs a number of symbols to illustrate his point. One of these symbols used by Toni Marrison is the blue eyes. In the book, the characters are obsessed with the blue eyes and what it represents. As such, this paper seeks to analyze the symbol of blue eyes as used by the author in the book. The analysis shall focus on how the symbol functions to illustrate the theme of superiority and what it reveals about the characters’ perceptions and beliefs. To begin, the main concept demonstrated in this book is superiority. The symbols the author uses are intended to exemplify the dominance of the white population over the black. This dominance is brought out in terms of perfection and beauty. According to Marrison, “life has objects that are the standards of beauty or perfection” (Marrison 30). In this regard, he uses the blue eyes to represent perfection and beauty. To Pacola, the blue eyes symbolize happiness and beauty that she only links to the white people. In fact, she is blinded by the beauty represented by the blue

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