The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe

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The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe. This poem was one of Edgar Allan Poe’s storylines that are more macabre. Poe possessed a great talent for poetry and short stories. He had such a dark soul for writing stories such as “the Black Cat.” This reader felt horror at the mistreatment of any animal. The man in this story was a horrible specimen of humanity who made a choice to abuse an animal and murder his wife. All his actions came with consequences and the man paid for it in the end. Poe’s own life had features of horror. It was one thing Poe knew about, and that was a tragedy. Much of his writings have a thread of facts that haunted him throughout his life. Both his parents died when he was but three years old. His foster parents sent him to the best schools, but Poe’s bad habits got the best of his foster parents, and they refused to pay for his schooling. Poe used his dark talent to perfect the American Horror story by placing great focus on structure and style. He worked as a poet, editor, and critic in his short life. Though afflicted by alcoholism and depression many of his works looked at the dark and guilty side of life. This story was one of the best specimens of in American horror literature. Poe tells this story in the first person as someone who is supposedly dying. This man wishes to confess his sins of animal cruelty, and the murder of his wife. A hardened alcoholic who became quite mean when drinking and brutalized the cat and in the end hung it from a tree in the front yard. The story takes a real dark turn when another black cat haunts the man (Poe,4). In a rage, he tries to kill the cat but ends up killing his wife. There is a horror theme, which

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