the benefits of globalization on labour mobility and unemployment.

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Name: Course Name: Course Instructor: Date of Submission: Benefits of Globalization on Labor Mobility and Unemployment Globalization is the integration and interaction among governments of varying countries, companies, and individuals. The process is motivated by investments and international trade (Stalker 24). Information technology is the basis of the process. Globalization affects different aspects in a variety of ways. It has an effect on the economy, the environment, cultures, political systems, and well- being of humans in different societies in the world. By economic development, it has an effect on unemployment and labor mobility. Globalization has encouraged nations to develop their on- tradable sector. It is the sector that deals with the production of goods and services that are strictly consumed domestically. In the United States, jobs increased by 27 million job opportunities between the year 1990 and 2008 (Wagner 50). Globalization encourages markets to venture and expand in different nations. International trade has increased substantially resulting in economic growth. Increased labor force boosts trade. It, therefore, increases job opportunities in the tradable sectors of the global economy. Jobs opportunities in the now- tradable sector also increases to remain competitive with the growing tradable sector. Globalization has helped remove barriers between nations which make it easier for job seekers to seek for jobs in the destinations of their preference for their careers (Mills 581). The process of globalization has led to the development of software and information technology companies to ease marketing. It has therefore increased job

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