the benefits of globalization on labour mobility and unemployment

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Name:Instructor’s name:Course: 5 December 2016 Benefits of globalization on labor mobility and Unemployment The term globalization is a relatively new one that is used to refer to a rather old process. "Globalization is a historical process" that started with missionaries and colonizers moving to Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world (Eliasson et al. 827). The millennia that followed this movement have seen people from various continents overcome the distance and physical barriers between them to engage in a structured exchange of ideas and goods for the betterment of the human race. Fueled by the desire to better the life of individuals and aided by technology, both the interdependence and interconnectedness that are synonymous to globalization have increased. The improved integration that comes with globalization has made life better but also brought with it new challenges. This paper will briefly talk about the positive impact that globalization has on unemployment and the mobility of labor. The mobility of labor is the occupational or geographical transfer of labor or workers. Globalization has made it necessary for many nations to remove the previously existent barriers to trade and travel (Eliasson et al. 828). The removal of these obstacles has in turn made it possible for thousands of people to travel to and from any continent of their choice for both work and leisure. Technologically advanced countries like China which have almost all the equipment and personnel necessary to start and complete any infrastructural project around the world can today export their labor courtesy of globalization (Eliasson et al. 832). Developing nations in places like

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