The battle for the Arab Spring by Lin N. and Alex Warren

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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: The battle for the Arab Spring by Lin N. and Alex Warren In late 2010, a revolt against the government of Tunisia began. The protest, which was resentment towards dictatorship, corruption, unemployment, security personnel brutality, was just a beginning of what spread through the Middle East and North Africa. In the book, “The Battle for the Arab Spring,” by Lin N. and Alex Warren, the authors explore the cause of the uprising, the results in different countries, and the post-revolution challenges that these countries face. The examination of the core factors that lead to different outcomes in these countries regarding the ease and difficulty of change of the regimes comes in handy. This paper takes a case-to-case analysis to examine the possible cause of the differences. By looking at the results from Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria, there is clearly a difference in the results. The change in regime, for instance in Tunisia which was peaceful, was accomplished within a short duration, with its dawn in December and ending in January 2011, following the fleeing of the president. The loss of life was negligible as compared to these other countries. In contrast, the ousting of Mubarak in Egypt followed a series of unprecedented events resulting in civil wars among the participants. The case of Syria is by far the worst. The revolution failing to achieve its intended result so far and has led to a civil war in the country. These states have similar history on leadership; each having had a long-serving leadership, which led to dictatorial or rigged election results. In these countries, the media space is suppressed and

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