The Assessment Of The Policies

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Policy Evaluation– Chapter 4 This chapter deals with the assessment of the policies. Among other standards, this chapter discusses whether these policies have positive or adverse effects on the community or whether their goals are long or short-term. It starts by defining “Policy Evaluation” as studying the effects of public policies. The author explains that these effects comprise the impact of the policies on the target group, incidental groups, on immediate and forthcoming periods as well as direct and indirect expenses of implementing the policies. The authors further clarify that in assessing the impact, people appraise the effects but not the productivity of the government. For instances, the authors assert that to ascertain the amount of money used to implement the policy is not to evaluate its effects. The authors also aver that effects measurement may as well encompass symbolic policy effects such as the perceptions and attitudes the citizens have towards the state actions in implementing the policies. Citizens shall in some instances determine state’s actions using its good intents instead of actual successes. The government may also undertake measures to assess the policies which include visiting the sites to ascertain if the target group is satisfied or getting the required services; requiring reports through filings by the top government official tasked with the implementation of the policy such as cabinet secretaries; conducting hearings and comparing the program with other specialists’ standards. Additionally, the government may assess the complaints lodged by the people; however, this is challenging since most of the people may not lodge

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