The Arizona Sky Resort case study

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Student’s Name: Tutor’s Name: Course Name: Date Submitted: Arizona Sky Resort Case Study Introduction Arizona Sky Resort is a hotel based in Flagstaff, Arizona which is a small town in Northern Arizona with a population of approximately 70,320. This Resort was established by Uncle Rodger who was Chad’s great uncle. Chad who is an Organic Chemistry professor has little to no knowledge regarding the hotel industry, but surprisingly, he inherits Arizona's Sky Resort upon his great-uncle's death. The resort currently competes with three different properties, and it receives an average of occupancy of 2.3 guests with an average stay of approximately 2.1 days. In the year 2010, Uncle Rodger had realized that he was no longer in a position to manage the property and thus he hired High Country Management to operate the resort. The last renovation project was in the year 2003 at the cost of $3 million and covered soft renovation of 165 guest rooms. In July 2016, shortly before Uncle Rodgers death, High Country Management Company handed a 2017 Capital Expenditure to him which covered a five years horizon. This plan was, however, not amended by the estate's executor. Afterward, the attorney acting as Uncle Rodger's executer hired MTN Associates who are specialists in hospitality property valuation and they handed back their reports after valuation. Chad has very great expectations regarding the resort, and he intends to hold onto it. He also has heard and researched a lot about Millennial Customer which would be a great way to appeal to a new customer segment. With his organic chemistry knowledge, Chad has constantly spearheaded energy conversation efforts in many

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