The arguments that would support Validay’s claim for specific performance in addition to damages

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The arguments that would support Validay's claim for specific performance in addition to damages Following this case, the specific performance grants Validay its actual bargains in the contract and the damages for failure to receive it. In this case, specific performance exercises equity and its legal remedy. For instance, it reveals of the pecuniary aspect of compensation towards loss brought to Validay by AKC over the failure by the latter to adhere to the agreement. Through making it a compulsory for both Validay and AKC to live up to the performance of their initial agreement, it in this case, enhance full and a perfect realization of justice especially when it proceeds demand for award of damages following the breach of contract by one of the parties who happen to be, in this case, the AKC. Elsewhere, Validay may seek for granting of the specific performance through a court injunction while exercising the powers of equity or in the subsequent determination of where there is validity in the existence of the contract and also in a case of the evaluation of the relief sought. The arguments that would support AKC's claim that Validay was not entitled to specific performance in addition to damages? Generally, the application of specific performance is only in such circumstances where the breach of the contract actions about monetary damages is not enough and also where the involved contract is a unique chattel/personal property. In the case of Validay and AKC, the damages sustained in the breach of the contract remain ascertainable and also recoverable so as not to allow for granting of specific performance. The denial of specific performance will occur where the money

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