The arguments for God’s existence (ontological/teleological/cosmological)

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction The subject of God’s existence has been debated through the man’s history with several philosophers bringing out their points of arguments. Several attempts have been made over centuries by philosophers to prove that God exists and various arguments have been developed towards achieving that goal. The paper will be based on three arguments which include ontological, teleological and cosmological arguments. They are important proofs of God’s existence. As much as theology may view God’s existence as essential on the basis of faith or revelation, several Philosophers based on these three arguments have made it possible to demonstrate by reasons that God exists. Cosmological Argument The argument points out that the universe may not have existed if it there was no cause. There is the need for some insights of why it currently exists. The argument is based on the fact that all physical things including mountains, rivers or boulders come into being and also go out existence regardless of how long they last. The fact that time is infinite; it is possible that there is a time that these things never existed. In the event that there was nothing during that time, then there couldn’t be anything without God. It implies that there must have been one being that is eternal. The argument asserts that whatever commences has to be with a cause and because of the universe began to exist then there must be a cause. The beginning of the world must have been either caused, and the idea that the beginning was uncaused is absurd since nothing normally comes from nothing. The world must have been caused to exist by some being

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