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Name Professor Title Date The Apology The Apology is a recording of Socrates’ trial. Though the name may mislead, it is not about him apologizing but rather his defense. The confusion arises from the literal translation of the term. However, from its Greek root, apologia, it translates to defense. As such, the speech was his defense on accusations of corrupting the youth and impiety. The primary concern, therefore, is not an assertion of a doctrine. Rather, it is an attempt at painting a portrait of an ideal philosopher. In this trial, with his life on the line, the philosopher keeps his cool while defending himself unwaveringly. What is the problem that most of his fellow citizens have? Though his chosen style was conversational, in this case, there is monologue as he defends himself. In the dialog, the accusers warn the judges not to be taken aback by his eloquence as it is, allegedly, deceptive. In his arguments, the citizens had two accusations against him. First, they accused him of impiety through the introduction of new gods, and second, it is believed, by the accusers, that he is spreading corruption amongst the youths by inspiring them to defy the status quo (Millett 25). These charges followed the Delphic Oracle. In this, a friend made an inquiry concerning the wisest man. The response from the priestess was Socrates. This answer drove him on a quest to try and ascertain the claim. Among those he enquired from were poets, politicians, and craftsmen. However, his inquiries only left resentment. This was as a result of his questioning their knowledge, denting their beliefs and casting doubts. The ensuing confusion and anger drove certain individuals,

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