The Annual Economic Report 2015

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Student’s Name: Instructor: Course:12th November 2016 The United Arabs Emirates 2015 Economic Report Executive Summary The United Arab Emirate is an economic region globally recognize for oil and gas production in large quantities. The mission statement has been the overall guideline in operation whereby the Block has strived at ensuring competitiveness and diversified economic activities. The economic region has proven its mission through its strategies in achieving a better economy from the recent crisis. The political stability has enhanced better governance in ensuring sustainable development despite the economic challenges and environmental variables affecting the economic growth of the region. The leadership of Shaikh Khalifah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has stabilized the government structure through efficient national strategies that involved revolution activities towards achieving Vision 2021 (“the United Arab Emirates” 01). The Study further elaborates on several finding and provides a comprehensive analysis of these variables responsible for setting a stable economy. For the past few years, the block has experienced an economic recession due to the fall in oil prices. It has shifted the economic dependence in the oil and gas industry to other potential sectors that contribute to economic development. The leadership of the block has gone through trajectory reforms to fit the situation and maintain its financial recognition in the world. The study further elaborates on the contemporary economic issue and the new problem at the course of this crisis. Thus, this introduces other variables such as innovation, technological communication, and educational

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