The Analyze Different Types of Artwork by Various Artists

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Introduction to the Art In this essay, I will analyze different types of artwork by various artists whose works reveals various beliefs and values in particular time periods. The arts include the Psycho Spaghetti Western by Ed Ruscha, Travelers by Streams and Mountains by Faun Kains, Rembrandt’s self-portrait at 63 and finally the “Hitman five belts” by Gouache. These artworks are used in comparison to depict various themes and elements in the artwork as discussed in this essay. In “Psycho Spaghetti Western’, Ed Ruscha has used the canvas to represent the everyday things which are disorderly arranged, a blown tire, a carton on a textured base which could be the roadside or an empty area. The painting gives a sense of the vastness of the area which leaves the viewers in awe as the art displays things which the artist saw during his travels on the highway or in a desert. In a way, the composition also indicates the destructive nature of man, how things are thrown away without even thinking about its reusability. The base with dark green shading and texture gives it look golden sand mixed with mud as if waste was thrown by somebody while traveling to some destination. The artist has used subtle yet distinct lines in the artwork to define all the elements in his artwork. The textured base and reproduction of tire and the box have come alive only because of the impressive use of lines. Moreover, the artist has captured the weather elements and different objects with his lines that make the composition elegant and expressive. The lines in the artwork capture the subtle sky, blown tire, and the box skillfully. The bold and perfect brushstrokes have LEE 2 added to the

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