The American Renaissance

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Name: Professor’s name: Course number: Date: American Renaissance Question 1 Both Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were expert writers of the romanticism genre. They captured the core aspects of the genre that included the importance of the individual as compared to the society, how nature is seen as a source of truth and rebellion against authority. Emily Dickinson, in particular, highlighted the importance of nature in the genre in several poems. She mentions or compares some things to nature. One such poem is I died for Beauty-but was scarce, where she refers to the moss, which covers the graves of tombstones. She referred to these as tombstones as being of “truth” and “beauty.” There was also an element of rebellion in her poems. She did this by constantly referring to nature in many of her poems. She went against established authority of the Puritans who saw nature as the realm of the devil. She was rebelling against the Puritans who she highly disliked. In much the same way, Whitman also wrote poems that focused on similar themes. He wished to talk about himself and celebrate his individuality. He felt that the self was more important than everything else was, including the society. In his poem, Leaves of Grass, he talks about the “I” and “myself” which showed how much importance he placed on the self. His love for nature can also be seen in how he speaks about flora and fauna, the moon and the sun. It is apparent that he believes that man and nature should never be separated and that man is a child of nature. Question 2 Parallelism is a common feature in Walt Dickinson’s poems. He uses it very effectively in Leaves of grass. A simple

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