The American Political History

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The American Political History Emilio Estevez reveals unfortunate political history in his film "Bobby." With other actors, Emilio Estevez identifies a famous hotel as the most appropriate venue to act the film. Jose is a character who initiates the film. Jose gives a clear picture of conflicts and biases in the assignment of duties in the Ambassador Hotel. Without his consent, Jose is assigned to a double shift. He is disappointed and decides to resign. Jose’s friend is angered by Edward’s decision. Edward is their boss in the Ambassador Hotel. When he realizes that Miguel, a friend to Jose is in anger, Edward tells Miguel that he was angered when Dr. King was killed. Edward insists that Miguel should concentrate in performing his duties. Edward gives another statement that shows racism and hate. The introduction of the film gives a clear picture of how the society is divided and how complicated the situation is. Historically, the film reveals the state of the society at the time when Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated. The presidential primary election in California is one of the historical information in the film “Bobby.” Ambassador Hotel is one of the famous hotels in Los Angeles. The hotel hosts Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential bid campaign headquarters. Robert F. Kennedy is the senator for New York. He is in a tough competition with Eugene McCarthy who is a Senator for Minnesota. Robert F. Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy oppose each other strongly on how to deal with the war in Vietnam. At the time, The United States of America is in serious war trouble (Moldea 17 ). How to deal with the war dominates the campaigns. Robert F. Kennedy is seen as the person to

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