The American Feminist Movement

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The American Feminist Movement: Name: Tutor: Institution Affiliations: The American Feminist Movement The American Feminist Movement was formed in 1848 but became popular in 1968. At this time, women across America were viewed as housekeepers. This pressured Betty Friedan who together with others stood up for women. In her book The Feminine Mystique she clearly showed that women were not as comfortable with the place they were allocated in the society. Earlier on the movement had pushed for women equality and in the process granted women the opportunity to vote in 1920 but a lot was still missing on their plate. Even though Friedan’s book reached only the literate group of women, it is credited for re-igniting the movement (Berkeley, 2000). The vision and mission of motion are to seek equality for both women and men. Gender equality was a big challenge back then spanning all the way from education to employment and even to leadership positions. For instance, women were paid less and denied job advancement on the basis that they would get pregnant unlike man and have to leave the job. The movement sought to bring to an end this discrimination via anti-discrimination laws. In 1964 Howard Smith proposed the addition of a clause that prohibited gender discrimination into the Civil Rights Act. Although it was not received well, it finally came to pass with the help of Martha Griffiths. Even after the success, the implementation process was a challenge that saw spirited struggles by the movement in courts of law to ensure its implementation (Berkeley, 2000). The leadership of the movement was not by a single leader or a group. Its leadership is non-hierarchy, and

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