The American Dream

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The American Dream The American Dream stands for equity and sovereignty of all individuals living in the United States. The aim of the American Dream is to show that all human beings are equal and should be treated without prejudice despite race, color or social status. However, in the recent past, the equity promised by the American Dream is questionable since circumstances are proving that some people are thought to be better than others. Discriminations by color, race or social status are becoming evident in America hence eliminating the promise of the American Dream. Rights and freedoms are awarded preference hence creating the notion that there are better individuals than others. Economic inequality, racism and preferring some religions to others are some of the factors that create bias in the aspect of the American Dream. One major factor affecting the American Dream is prejudice by race. It has become evident that people of color are discriminated against just because they are not white. Stereotypes are held against these individuals of color hence creating a rift between them and the white Americans. One perfect example is on the extrajudicial killings targeting Black Americans because there is a negative aspect associating them with a crime. The White Americans are treated better than the Americans of color hence raising questions on whether the American Dream is valid. Racism is further evident on securing work since people of color are expected to handle odd jobs at minimum age as compared to white Americans. There is prejudice on how criminal offenders are managed depending on race, and further job seekers are treated unequally depending on color. The

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