the American dream and its effects on one or more characters in The Great Gatsby.

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Subject: Date: The American Dream The American Dream is described as a notion that any individual, despite his or her social class, ethnic background, nationality, race or gender, can be successful in the United States, if he or she puts more effort in the work they are doing. In this case, the American dream presents a pretty rosy perception of the American community that ignores issues such as income inequality, racism, and xenophobia. It also presumes the myth of equality in the different social classes, while the reality is that America is composed of a pretty well-developed social class ladder. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby brings forth the American dream that was slowly being eroded by greed and malice. To him, the American dream was initially comprised of a set of goals that put hope in the hearts of every American. Such goals originally contained in the American dream included freedom for all where an ordinary American enjoyed the right to various freedoms such as freedom of movement, association, right to own property, a right to self- determination among other sets of privileges and entitlements. An American, regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation or cultural inclination enjoyed the freedom to live in America and associate at all levels as well as the right to live an honest life. Everyone was accorded the right to an upward social as well as economic mobility that was earned by working hard and tirelessly(Shapiro: 539-543). Fitzgerald discredits the corrupted American dream which was perceived as pure by its proponents and introduces the concept of hard work whereby to him everyone should

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