The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: A Nightmare Vision of American Boyhood

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: A Nightmare Vision of American BoyhoodNameCourse NumberFebruary 9, 2018Institution AffiliationThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer: A Nightmare Vision of American BoyhoodReflection Tom Sawyer is a young explorative, free-spirited and adventurous young boy. He loves finding out things even at the expense of his studies; he skips school countless times in search of adventure even after previous punishments. Tom is also skilled at convincing people to do precisely what he wants them to. He cleverly managed to persuade his friend to trade small privileges and in return help him whitewash the fence, punishment that was bestowed on him after skipping school. He also convinces Becky to be engaged to him even though he was affianced to another girl (Wolff, 1980). Even as a young boy, Tom gets himself missed up in very complicated situations which undoubtedly boys his age had no idea they were happening or in existence. He witnessed a murder in a graveyard, and he was made a witness, and this puts his life in danger, and he is forced to go into hiding for some time. While boys his mates were chasing girls, drinking buzz and probably getting into trouble by the local authorities, Tom and his friend Joe were busy searching for treasures and plotting how to steal those treasures from where Injun Joe hid them. These two boys are not just bored with school, but to them, it is an impediment to their happiness, it is like a cage keeping them from doing what they want. Up to their necks with school, they find a way out and escape to Jackson’s Island in the Mississippi (Wolff, 1980). The adventurous nature of Tom cannot be quenched, and he continues to seek

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