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Name: Date: Question 1 In the article, two opposing views emerge on whether violent video games lead to aggression or not. Those who think that violent games indeed affects the behavior of children adversely argue that numerous studies conducted by psychologists have proved that such claims are true. Some of the studies include those conducted by Bushman, a University professor who according to his study found a strong link between playing violent video games and aggression. Conversely, those who oppose the view that violent video games lead to aggression first think that the methodology used to link aggression to video games was wrong. Other opponents like the software association also think that there is no scientific proof associating playing of virtual games with actual violence. Equally, scholars like Chris Ferguson have conducted studies that found no link between violent video games and aggression. Question 2 As one of the judges deciding whether children should be barred from buying M-rated videos, I would first analyze the two opposing views to determine the extent to which the claims are true. However, I concur with one argument presented in the article by Gentile who says that data regarding the crime is not enough to link violent video games to real-world behavior. He rightly argues that violent video games are only one of the many factors that may lead to violence. In any case, violent video games only lead to a “more grumpy” behavior as noted in the article, which is harmless unless accelerated by external factors. What is more, the fact that psychologists are yet to agree on the impact of video games on behavior leaves the debate open.

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