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Name Professor English 100 Date Buy Yourself Less Stuff In the article, Buy yourself less stuff, Dunleavey argues that, humans suffer from the universal delusion that indeed, material things have the ultimate power to influence the utmost happiness in people (Dunleavey 1). In the book, the author illustrates the contrast between conspicuous and inconspicuous material desire that influence people decision when it comes to spending and saving their money. Although it may seem obvious that saving and buying less stuff can improve one’s future financial score, people fend off multiple stealth assaults on their money, which affect their financial expectations. Learning to control the habit of overspending and unnecessary purchase of things for the sake of fulfillment can help lead to great financial stability and real happiness. The author notes that people are gravely flawed in regards to linking material possession and happiness. She argues that while acquiring material things like cars, houses and expensive home appliances seem like the goal that one hopes would make him or her happy, it never usually is, and thus all these possessions turn out to be a disappointment. This trend is common because these things can only make us happy provided that they fit our desires. However, that is not an ordinary case because people never calculate the challenges that come with that particular possession. Thus, they end up disappointed. He further quotes Richard Einstein, a renowned economist who alleges that “You don’t quite have all the things you need but you are quite sure that when you acquire them, you will be satisfied” (Dunleavey 19). This statement indeed

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