Textbooks shouldn’t be mandatory in college

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Textbooks should not be mandatory in college Every year a repeat of the same scenario occurs to students in college: juggling between tuition and other college fee bills and lists of pricey required textbooks. Apart from the huge expenses incurred in purchasing the required list of textbooks, students may wonder whether their professors shall follow closely the textbooks, or whether they are really needed. However, college students are mostly worried because the costs of the textbooks that have risen lately to an alarming rate. According to GAO study (6), college students have faced rising costs of textbooks by almost eighty-two percent in eleven years, which is from 2002 to 2013. With the rapid increases in the prices of textbooks should be persuasive enough to warrant a declaration that textbooks should not be mandatory in college. Textbooks are a complete waste of the student’s valuable money and do not merit their purchase. PIRG (13) established that the textbooks costs could deter college students from buying the books at all and even affect their choices of classes. Moreover, a result from the survey indicated that a majority of the people decided against buying the textbooks were concerned that they could affect their grades in the course, while another slim majority decided against purchasing of books, as they believed that the price tag for the books was a sufficient deterrence. College students have nowadays devised ingenious ways of tackling the high cost of textbooks. Often, the students wait until the class commences before making a decision on whether to buy the required textbook or

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