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Texas Discussion 1 In historical contents, various factors influenced the Texas revolution. For instance, many individuals have blamed Santa Anna reign for misruling Texas through the use of ruthless dictatorship that subsequently influenced the Tejanos and Angelo-American to rebel (Crisp, 37). Additionally, other factors also influenced the Texas insurrection to occur. Firstly, the expansionist trail of the United States was also a major reason behind Mexico losing the Texas and other key states like Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, California, Nevada, and Arizona (Crisp, 93). The expansion plan for the United States was already in place long before the outbreak of the American independence war. The expansion plan was based on making the country a transcontinental country that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic (Crisp, 103). They also wanted to spread the American divine mission that was based on bringing civilization and Christianity to entire North America continent. The United States was consistently increasing in size, and people wanted to ensure this trend was always taking place. More ever, the cheap sale of unoccupied land made people migrate to Texas. The settlers were given land at a low price $1.25 per acre while the minimum tract of land sold was 80 acre (Crisp, 156). They also gave land on credit. Secondly, the post-revolutionary war in Mexico also made the Texas insurrection to occur. After Mexicans had gained independence from the Spanish government, many Mexican citizens were inspired to move to back to Mexico in the hope of solidifying their new-won country through establishing a government made by their decedents (Crisp, 148). In Texas, there was a

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