Texas texting while driving bill

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Name Professor Political science Date Texas Texting While Driving Bill Everything that exists on this earth has its pros and cons, texting is normally used as a form of communication, and several governments have lifted bans on texting while driving. Texas designed a bill and projected it into the parliament where it was to be passed as a law, however, the bill didn't meet the expectations and was withdrawn before it reached the Senate. The views for the bill did not out do those against. It was a proposal by the Texas government to have the bill into law so that instances of road accidents would be reduced. The government believed that those who drive while texting fails to observe road safety rules and end up causing accidents. It was the right action by the government of Texas to enforce the bill. It saddens so much to see people dying every day; accidents don’t discriminate based on age, gender, or whether one is right or wrong. Young and old die in equal measure. This is the kind of accidents that are caused due to neglect by those driving. It is easy to prevent. Though the message send could be at an appropriate time, other peoples should be put into consideration. Though the bill didn’t pass, the government of Texas should rethink further and come up with ways to control phone usage while driving. By enforcing the bill of a law, several lives of innocent people would be saved. The majority of accidents occur between private vehicles and passenger service vehicles; the PSVs usually carry a lot of people, and upon an accident, whole lives are lost. These are the people who contribute to the economy, they reduce the level of poverty and increase the

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