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Student Professor Course Date TAXES GOVERNMENT For a long time, immigrants have become an issue in taxes it therefore, called for the mandating of the supreme court of taxes to control the issuing of the licenses. They make the evaluation to determine if one qualifies to get a permit before they decide whether to give out the licenses. In this literary essay, I am interested in how the immigrants operate. There are some different arguments on the immigrants. In the taxes, there are divergent cases presented to the Supreme Court to give the final decision. According to President Obama, the immigrants should not be allowed to take any effect in America. The cause of implementing such rules is as a result of the increased number of illegal immigrants who do not give taxes. Most of them they have stolen social security cards. Through that, in mostly they do not pay taxes or file the returns which are very risk to the economy. If the address is not immediately, they are likely to cause deterioration of the American economy. The supreme court of taxes, therefore, have the responsibility to enact the law that should be strictly followed to ensure there are only licensed immigrants in America. In twenty twelve the provision of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was of high impact to the immigrants. It authority provided for the right of the younger undocumented immigrants a license on which they could use on their daily business. Initially, it was to be relevant for only two years but later the Supreme Court review it and extended it to three years. Through such appropriate changes, the number of eligible applicants increased and as result their urge to carry

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