Testing Democratic Politics

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Even in a democratic society, it is possible to locate some unfair tyrant rules. Human beings are naturally self-bias when it comes to political ideas, which shape the world in their favor. It is likely that people who live together would want to support each other and ignore an individual from a different environment or of a different belief. It is also more likely for people of one ethnic group to support each other in political matters. In a scenario where one ethnic group outnumbers the several other ethnic groups, a single community might become the tyrants in a democratic world. Even the law that regulates a democratic society has its shortcomings. What is legal might not be ethical; the law is further adjusted in free worlds to balance between ethics and legislation. Background The societies consist of an individual of various shortcomings. Within the society, we have the powerful and the weak, the skilled and the unskilled, the learned and the illiterate. The list of weaknesses exists in every human environment. It is these shortcomings that make some individuals if not all vulnerable to exploitations and power and feels the need to be protected. Therefore people team up to appoint a leader who would protect them. However, the sense of insecurity still exists under the suspicion that the ruler might still exploit them. At this juncture, people teamed up to invent rules that would limit the excessive use of their powers. Democracy and the law Rules are the tools used to manage human behaviors. Among the controversial laws in America are the rules governing elections and voting system and those managing the excess use of powers. Rules relating to politics are

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