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Test 3 Full name University Affiliation a) A graph of the function is given below Fill in the following table with approximate values (if they exist) 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 1 0 1 (b) For the function find and an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the above function at In the questions c to h , find (C ) y = x3 – x2 – x5/3 = 3x2 – 2x – 5/3x (d) y=x3 ln(1+x2) You may use (e) y'= 2+cosx+ ddxsinx-sinx. ddx(2+cosx)(2+cosx)2y'= 2+cosx.cosx-sinx. (-sin⁡(x))(2+cosx)2y'= 2+cosx+cos2 x+sin2(x)(2+cosx)2cos2 x+sin2x=1sin2x=1- cos2 xy'= 2+cosx+cos2 x+1- cos2 x(2+cosx)2y'= 1+ 2cosx(2+cosx)2(f) y=sin-1(ex)siny=(ex)cosyy'=(ex)y'=excosyy=ex1-e2x(g) Find if...

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Test (Gel Filtration Chromatography) The gel filtration chromatography that is also known as the size-exclusion chromatography seeks to separate the molecules based on their sizes. The stationary phase is made of the porous beads that have a well-defined pore size. The stationary phase has a fractionating range meaning that the molecules can be separated by different molecular ranges depending on their sizes. This experiment utilizes protein molecular mass ranges of between 1000 and 50000 as such 6-75 Sephadex is also applied. The molecules that are small in size can fit into the porous beads and can be said to be included. On the other hand, the more important molecules cannot fit into the dots and...

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Test Ratios in Accounting) Question 1. The current ratio for Potz and Pans has been calculated as 5.00:1 whereas the current ratio for WannaBees has been calculated as 1.76:1. Based on these results, it is prudent to assume that Potz and Pans is most likely to get the loan, although WannaBees also has good results. This is because the ratio is a measure of a company's capacity to meet its financial obligations. Both companies have current ratio figures greater than 1 to indicate that their assets are greater than the liabilities. Given that Potz and Pans has the highest ratio, it can be inferred that this is an indication that the company is financially well off. Still, the figures must be...