Term Paper: Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass

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Name Institution Course Date Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass The analysis of Fredrick Douglass on the issue of slavery provides an insight into the dehumanizing effect caused by slavery. In his narrative, he gives proves on how slavery destroys both the masters and the slave. For example, “the venom of unjustified power handled by various slave owners facilitated a dehumanizing and detrimental effect on either their beliefs or morals (Douglass, 39)”. For instance, he suggests that the immense power presented on an individual slave owner will have the potential of breaking his fine feeling, kind heart, and even transforming the person into a demon. 1. To prove this ideology, he utilizes deep characterization, flashback, and imagery in the hope of triggering the emotions of the reader when he narrates the adverse effect of slavery. Furthermore, he remembers the hardship experienced by slaveholders when they are handed the fatherly duties. It seemed like a father who had the bad desire of demolishing the lives of his kids. “The master is required to constantly whip and sell his slaves kids because his white wife does not like them (Douglass, 17)”. This condition destroys the humanity of a white father who is forced to separate the unity of the family for his slave kids and him as well. Therefore, the idea of a white father to the slaves only makes the slaveholders resentful and cruel towards their slave kids. Consequently, through the use of deep characterization, Douglass shows the change of behavior experienced among slave masters who possessed corrupt power. In the narrative, Sophia Auld is a convenient character for illustrating this

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