Tensile Testing of Metals

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Name Professor Course Date Laboratory Report on Manual Testing of Tensile Materials Members: 1. 2. 3. Introduction The determination of the mechanical properties of materials follows the performance of well designed laboratory experiments that give a replica of an equivalence of the service conditions. In life situations, several components are essential through the nature of the application of loads on a material. Some of these could be tensile, compressive and also shear. Tensile on its own enables the engineers and scientist to arrive at conclusions in relation to properties of materials and their respective behaviors while undergoing stress. For this reason, this report will rely on the objective of evaluating on the stress strain relationship for an aluminum metal Materials & Methods: With the use of the manual tensile tester and load, proceed to establish the failure due to the aluminum metal. Also, the attention needs to be given to the accuracy of the acquisition of data. On the same note, the steps should proceed as outlined below; First, through use of the venier calipers, obtain the measurement of the specimen’s diameter, in this case, the aluminum at its groove cut and also just at its center Secondly, ensure that the handle is fully out through turning it in anticlockwise manner up to a time when there is a minor occurrence of resistance. Proceed with the installation of the specimen in the third step through the testing by ensuring that there is a similar amount of threads available at both the top and bottom of the specimen. Fourthly, have a slack out of the system through making turns on the jack extension with the use of

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