Telescope Is a Collection Of Poems

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Sandy Florian is a Latin American born of Colombian and Puerto Rican parents in New York City. She has a Ph.D. from Denver University and an MFA from Brown University. Sandy is a renowned poet; she has several collections of poems such as “The Novella Boxing the Compass of 2013”, Wonderland and waste of 2010, the tree of 2008 and Telescope of 2006. Sandy’s collection of poems reflects mostly on the society way of life. Like any other protagonist, Florian uses poetry to criticize the inappropriate lifestyle in the community. She uses every poetic muscle to shun evil and restore an accepted mode of life. “The telescope is a collection of poems, which concentrate on the natural objects and conventional structures in the society to create meaning and communicate to the audience” (Florian, 5-63). Sandy likes narrative poetry most of her poems describe scenario and objects. For instance, Abacus, the first poem in Telescope refers to a calculating tool. The poet as usual starts by defining an abacus in a poetic way. She refers to it as frame divided sections where arithmetic operations are performed (Florian, 5) Denotation This stylistic device relates to providing dictionary meaning of an idea, object or subject in the poem. Sandy Florian begins most of her poems by providing a short description of the title of the poem. For example, in Telescope collection, she started by defining the title of Abacus p5, as a gadget for arithmetic calculations Balloon as an inflated structure of fine skinp6, accordion p9 as a musical instrument, and many others. The several definitions she gives create images for the reader to predict what the poet may refer to in the ordinary

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