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Name Professor Course Date Teenage and adolescent Review Box 4-1. What are a few interesting facts about teenagers? Are 64 million. More girls attend school. 8% are disabled. Higher male mortality. 17% are poor. 94.6% attend school ( Kerryellen,110) 24% are immigrants. Are racially diverse. Most live suburban lives. Live with parents. What behaviors might indicate a teenager has negative self-esteem? Avoiding eye contact. Being over confident. Self-criticism. Puts people down. Gives opinion reluctantly. Lacks parental support. Is always vigilant. Work individually. Never directs others. Being quickly submissive. Speaks loudly. What might be the consequences for adolescents who engage in activities such as cutting, excessive piercings and tattoos, or extreme weight loss? Contacting diseases. Halth complications. Low self esteem. Why should occupational therapists working with teens be receptive to discussions about sex? Teens are experiencing it. What is self-esteem? Feeling about oneself. What is body image? Body’s sexual attractiveness. What is self-determination? Making own decisions. What is body dissatisfaction? Negative body perception. According to research, which statement best reflects the self-esteem of teens with disabilities? Low self esteem. Review Table 4-2. What are some typical psychosocial developments in adolescents? How does the relationship of an adolescent change as they mature through the adolescent phases? Challenge authority. Reduced parental

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