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Name Instructor Course Date Danger of Silence Summary In the TED Talk, Danger of Silence, Clint Smith whimsically reflects on the disgruntling effects of silence. Smith notes that everyday consequences of failing to speak reveal in forms of violence, war, genocide, and discrimination. Smith says that he did not value speaking up back then; however, after realizing that, through his silence, he permitted ignorance in his community and bullying in the corridors of his school, Smith changed his perspective about silence. Silence is dangerous. As such, Smith impels people to avoid silence and do four things: read critically, write consciously, tell the truth, and speak clearly. This TED Talk relates perfectly to the silence observed in some students in classrooms. Problem More often than teachers tend to create scenarios and questions that elicit class conversations to engage students; however, outcomes of such efforts are not always homogenous to all students. In most cases, there is a fraction of students who dodge the teacher’s gaze because they fear of participating in classrooms. However, when situations turn out positive for these students participate, they always end up with soft tones or shaky voices. Condon and Ruth-Sahd found that these students are shy (p.507), and it is practically important that teachers and everyone around them understand why they tend to have such feelings. Condon and Ruth-Sahd connote that shyness in the number one cause of silence among overly quiet students. They explain that shyness is a mishmash of emotions derived from tension, fear, embarrassment, and apprehension (Condon & Ruth-Sahd 511). Some students often show

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