Technology in Teaching and Learning

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Over the years, technology has impacted both teaching and learning in great ways. Its effect in classrooms has also been seen during the exchange of information in learning institutions. In drafting the report about technological advancements, it is necessary to explore the table information. Task one, for instance, details a table about descriptive statistics. It offers information about different levels, their mean and standard deviation. The highest level has a mean of 3.67 and it is followed by 3.87, 3.79 and 4.01, in level two, three and four, respectively. Through this table, is clear that the standard deviation is directly proportional to values of the mean. The Estimated Marginal Means of Measure, as depicted by the graph, showcases the Estimated Marginal Means (y-axis) against the ‘remember’ x-axis. The 3.5 Estimated Marginal Means of Measure (y-axis) figure is the lowest one while 4.0 is the highest. These two figures are against 1 and 4 under the ‘remember’ x-axis, respectively. These statistics are requisite in recalling the facts and basic concepts of course material. The letter ‘N’ with a value of 300 is a representation of the total population size dealing with the survey. In task two, there is an exploration of data requisite in offering a better understanding about the course concepts, ideas and content. The first level one is the highest with a mean of 3.63 and it is directly proportional to the standard deviation. These other levels delineate mean values of 3.92, 3.93 and 4.04, respectively. Level one, in this table, portrays a higher figure describing the standard deviation of 1.386. These other levels, in their proportionality with mean

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