Technology, Identity, Communication and Ethics

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Virtual Reality Technology It is evident that people were born naturally to fulfill the curiosity that people contain in their minds. That is the primary reason why, wherever people go, they are likely to see different inventions, and they come in various brands that people are made to select. Technology has been experienced since the first man used chipped stone blades to help him hunt. Yet most people see the current age as the technological age since the modern man has relied on technology at everything they are doing. Today, young children at the age of six years can operate computers and other digital devices such as PSP and the online games. Technology is among the principal driving forces of the world future; it has and will always keep shaping the current and future of man at a rate that is unprecedented in history. The mode of communication between human beings transformed from smoke signals to the use of land lines, where people would call other people using the land line telephones and the use of radio to spread the news to a large group of individuals. However, the advancement of technology led to the emergence of cell/mobile phones, which have been embraced by almost every person in the world. With the current widespread use of digital devices, Social media was introduced, and it has taken over the entire world (North & North, 17). Social media is the primary form of communication today with every information related to different fields being shared on social media. It has changed the way people communicate and how businesses are conducted. However, the future of technological advancement seems to be ravishing

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