Technological Failures of Kodak

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Background Information Kodak was a famous Company in the US until the 2000s, and its tag was synonymous with photography. Founded in 1988, Kodak was a household name as far as taking pictures was concerned. It enjoyed a competitive advantage in the market given that it had been in the industry for the longest time. However, this giant started fading away with the advancement of technology around the world. In 2001, sales of film products dwindled significantly owing to the emergence of digital technology. The use of film was no longer viable. As such, Kodak resorted to producing digital cameras which eventually did well in the market. With increased competition in the industry, and the advent of an iPhone with a powerful camera; Kodak could not take it anymore. The Company sought bankruptcy protection in 2012 and totally sold all legacies. It only came back in 2013 as a relatively smaller Company which today enjoys a smaller market capitalization of less than $1 billion. Technological Failures of Kodak Many business analysts opine that Kodak was the author of its misfortunes especially by showing utmost ineptitude in the technological sphere. Here are some technological failures that the Company exhibited before its downfall. To start with, the Company was carried away by its breakthrough to the extent that it did not anticipate new trends in digital technology. Kodak enjoyed unfettered success in film and photography for such a long time to an extent whereby they could not think beyond their status. Even when the first prototype of a digital camera was created in 1975 by Steve Sasson who was working for Kodak at that time; the management could not envision further

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