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Leadership in Light of Aristotle’s Writings on Rhetoric Author’s Name Institution Abstract Leadership is perceived as the capacity of an individual to steer a group or team towards a common goal. There are numerous leadership lessons that we can obtain from experiences. For instance, the film Twelve Angry Men can teach us innumerable things about leadership. Further, the rhetoric by Aristotle that discusses good and bad can be applied in leadership since leadership in the twenty-first century is grounded on ethos and pathos. From the film, a lesson that can be learned about leadership is self-awareness which involves knowing oneself regarding strengths, weaknesses, and values. Apart from self-awareness, the film teaches us on the importance of fair-mindedness since a leader is expected to consider all options before taking action. Further, the film indicates that a leader should be genuine and also do the right thing. An aspect that is found in all these lessons from the film is authenticity, which is an essential belief for the twenty-first-century leader. Keywords: Self-awareness, fair-mindedness, genuine, authenticity Introduction The motion picture Twelve Angry Men narrates a story regarding a jury composed of twelve men in the trial of a Hispanic boy eighteen-years-of-age accused of taking his father’s life. Eleven of the jurors want to vote against the accused so that they can get out of the place but the film shows how one juror convinces the others to vote in favor of the boy. From the heated arguments to the unanimous vote several leadership lessons can be obtained from the film. The following paper will aim at showing the leadership lessons

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