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Leadership Styles Illustrated in the Film Dead Poets Society Author’s Name Institution Abstract Leadership has numerous definitions, but the different definitions agree that it involves guiding a group towards attaining a common goal. There are several leadership styles, and they vary depending on individual personality. From the film Dead Poets Society, the different characters depict diverse leadership styles. For instance, Mr. Keating illustrates what it takes to be a transformational leader or a visionary leader. Transformational leadership is one that aims at inspiring team members to be better whereas visionary leadership focuses on strategic thinking and seeing the bigger picture. Autocratic leadership is illustrated in the film by Mr. Nolan. Autocratic leadership is one that the leader has total control and does not engage their subordinates in decision-making. Another leadership style that is illustrated in the film is transactional leadership. Transactional leadership aims at setting a definite chain of command, and good deeds are rewarded whereas the bad ones are punished. In the film, Mr. Perry and Mr. Nolan depict transactional leadership. Therefore, the film illustrates the diverse types of leadership and further indicates that personality impacts a leadership style. Keywords: Transformational leadership, transactional leadership, autocratic leadership, visionary leadership Introduction The motion picture Dead Poets Society is based on John Keating, a new English teacher in a boys’ preparatory school. The new teacher uses unconventional methods to reach out to students at the Welton academy facing enormous pressure from the school and

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