Tea diffusion

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Name: Instructor: Course Title: Date Tea Diffusion Tea has for centuries been cultivated, with its origin in India and China. To date, tea has come to be one of the most highly consumed beverage worldwide falling second to water. In the world, tea has come to be loved by millions of people, especially the green tea that has a lot of benefits attributed to it (Monterey, n.p). Consequently, the three most common tea varieties include; the green tea, black and the Oolong. The only difference between the tea being the preparation process. Green tea is usually prepared from unfermented leaves. This type of tea contains a greater concentration of polyphenols which is a strong antioxidant. However, antioxidants are harmful to the body; allegedly they damage body compounds thus destroying the cell DNA and changing it (Ehrlich, n.p). The antioxidants are said to fight free radicals which are scientifically purported to contribute to the aging process and lead to some health issues such as heart illnesses and cancer. However, the polyphenols in green tea neutralize this free radical reducing their severity to the human body. Among the traditional Chinese, tea and especially the green tea has been used as a stimulant. That is, as a diuretic that assists the body in the removal of excess fluids. Further, it has been as an astringent that prevents excess blood loss and heals wounds. Green tea also improves heart health. There are other, in addition to this, traditional as well as medical uses of green tea such as; regulating body temperature as well as the blood sugar, improving mental health, treating gas, and promoting digestion. Additionally, green tea has been tested

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